Officer Anthony "Tony" Bellows is a CCPD patrol officer and the partner of Michael Francis Murphy. Early in the seriesm Bellows notices whenever the Flash appears, Murphy is never around. Bellows accuses Murphy of being the Flash, until he sees Murphy and the Flash at the same time.

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  • "Pilot"  
  • "Out of Control"  
  • "Watching the Detectives"  
  • "Honor Among Thieves"  
  • "Double Vision"  
  • "Child's Play"  
  • "Ghost in the Machine"  
  • "Sight Unseen"  
  • "The Trickster"  
  • "Tina, Is That You?"  
  • "Be My Baby"  
  • "Fast Forward"  
  • "Captain Cold"  
  • "Done with Mirrors"  
  • "Good Night, Central City"  
  • "Alpha"  
  • "Trial of the Trickster"