Henry Allen

Full nameHenry Allen

FamilyNora Allen (wife)

Barry Allen (son)
Jay Allen (son)
Eve Allen (daughter-in-law)

Shawn Allen (grandson)

AffiliationCentral City Police Department (formerly)

OccupationPolice officer (formerly)


Portrayed byM. Emmet Walsh

Henry Allen is a retired police officer and the father of Barry Allen and Jay Allen. He is also the husband of Nora Allen and a supporter of The Flash.

Appearances Edit

The Flash Edit

Season 1 Edit

Notes Edit

  • In the comics, Henry Allen was framed for his wife's murder by Professor Zoom, and died in jail before Barry could prove his innocence.
  • John Wesley Shipp who portrays Barry Allen also portrays Henry Allen in the 2014 adaption of The Flash.

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