Civilian - Pollux Barry Allen

Full nameBartholomew Allen


FamilyHenry Allen (father by DNA)
Jay Allen (Brother by DNA)
Barry Allen (Original Version)
Nora Allen (Mom by DNA)
Shawn Allen (Nephew by DNA)
Eve Allen (Sister-in-law by DNA)




Portrayed byJohn Wesley Shipp

Barry Allen better known as Pollux was an clone of The Flash created by a time machine he was tested for a super soldier but he attacked in the night in April 1991, and went the to kill won of his creators his creator held a gun on home he shot Pollux but Pollux catched the bullet and threw the bullet into the creators heart and the creator died but flash his clone and Tina McGee were there flash his clone wanted Pollux to come with him but Pollux said his tired of experience on him he also said he and human being then he started fighting he's clone flash then Pollux was down here was dying in flashes hands he said his last words and and died he turned in his own suit.

the fuck this was written by a fucking retard?

Season 1

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